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Piero Umiliani's Aragosta A Colazione
19-Jul-2010 - Kronos Records has released the score for Aragosta A Colazione. The story: Marco is married to Carla, a rich businesswoman. She's off to Geneva for two days; he has a tryst with Monique, a Swedish air hostess. Carla's flight is canceled, so she heads home about to catch Mario en flagrant. Mario's salvation is Enrico, an old school mate and hapless salesman who shows up to beg Mario to buy toilets so he won't lose his job. Mario signs an order in exchange for Enrico's posing as Monique's husband. Carla invites them to stay overnight and join a business dinner party catered by Enrico's wife, Matilde. Can this farce end happily? Piero Umiliani wrote a beautiful, classy, jazz swing score that was previously released only as a limited edition LP (200 copies) in 1979 and never sold commercially! First time ever on CD.
Available from Kronos Records. 

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