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8-Aug-2010 -

Digitmovies continues releasing the classic Italian scores.
Misteria (aka "Body Puzzle") is a thriller directed in 1992 by Lamberto Bava. In realizing this
CD with a long duration of about 70 minutes, Digitmovies could use all the full stereo master
tapes vaulted at RCA. Carlo Maria Cordio is without any doubt a specialist of the genre and
his list of OSTs includes a lot of movies. For this movie Cordio has written an orchestral -
electronic score with a very American sound concerning the instrumentation of the dissonant
strings and of the brass clusters.
Fatevi Vivi, La Polizia Non Interverrà
Digitmovies proudly presents as volume ten of the series dedicated to the Italian police movies
genre the complete score in full stereo by Piero Piccioni from the movie Fatevi Vivi, La Polizia
Non Interverrà (aka "Kidnap") directed in 1974 by Giovanni Fago. Unfortunately the original
session master tapes have been lost for a long time. At last Digitmovies was able to find in
the composer's private archive the original tapes in full stereo and in very good condition
which gave them the chance to issue this CD with a duration of about 60 minutes.
Digitmovies proudly releases for the very first time the complete score on CD by the legendary
Carlo Rustichelli for the dramatic movie Le 4 Giornate Di Napoli (aka "The Four Days of Neaples")
directed in 1962 by Nanni Loy. This CD is possible thanks the support of C.A.M. in whose archives
all the mono master tapes of the original session have been preserved till today.
Carlo Rustichelli has written probably one of the most beautiful themes of his whole career:
La tarantella della liberazione. On the CD is also a suite which the composer himself had assembled
for the CD "Carlo Rustichelli, ritratto di un autore" released by C.A.M. in 2001.
African Story
Digitmovies releases for the first time on CD the complete score by Francesco De Masi for
movie African Story (aka "The Manipulator") directed in 1971 by Fred Wilson (Marino Girolami)
and starring Sylva Koscina, Stephen Boyd, Michel Kirner, Rita Oriolo Forzano.
A famous singer (Boyd) and his female fan fall in love and they marry secretly. They leave for
Africa for their honeymoon where a dangerous adventure waits for them. This CD was possible
thanks to the mono master tapes which have been preserved in very good condition in the RCA
vaults until today.
For more info and ordering, visit Digitmovies.

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