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Fernando Velázquez' Garbo: El Espía
3-Aug-2010 - MovieScore Media has released Garbo: El Espía (Garbo The Spy), composer Fernando Velázquez’ score for Edmon Roch’s exciting documentary about “The Man Who Saved the World” – counterspy Joan Pujol, also known as Garbo. It is a beautifully engaging chamber jazz score which is built around an infectious main theme. Velázquez builds his variations around this theme with a small jazz combo and a small chamber orchestra, resulting in a score that is as quirky and unique as the film’s main character himself. The album also features a couple of songs by RiP and also Velazquez’s own song ‘Mars in Ball” with the composer himself on vocals. The score is nominated for the International Film Music Critics Association Award for Best Documentary Music.
For more info and ordering, visit MovieScore Media. 

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