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Silva Screen Records presents Baarža
18-Sep-2010 -

 Ennio Morricone’s intense score
to Director Giuseppe Tornatore’s
autobiographical epic 
Darker and sadder than Ennio Morricone’s recent
work, the soundtrack for Giuseppe Tornatore’s
Baarìa is the maestro’s first feature film work
in five years. lists almost 500 films to Ennio Morricone’s
credits. He is perhaps most famous for his cult
scores for Sergio Leone’s 1960s Dollars trilogy and
Once Upon A Time In America, and Brian De Palma’s
The Untouchables. Morricone earned an honorary
Academy Award in 2006 for Lifetime Achievement
and has been nominated for 5 Academy Awards.
Baaria is the eighth score Ennio Morricone composed
for a Giuseppe Tornatore film. Since his work on
Tornatore’s Oscar Winning Cinema Paradiso in 1989,
Morricone has scored all his subsequent films.
"I know that Ennio will give me every fiber of his musical
sensibility,” said Tornatore, “and I know that his
soundtrack will be extraordinary. I am certain of this
before the project has begun". "Despite loving the film
very much,” said Morricone, “I believe I didn’t go
overboard this time. I didn’t shoot all the artillery toward
the sky I believe, except in some moments".
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