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Henry Mancini's Curse Of The Pink Panther
3-Oct-2010 - Quartet Records has released Curse Of The Pink Panther, the only film in the Pink Panther series that had never seen an official soundtrack album release. Perhaps in the expectation that the film could mark a new departure in the series and give way to further sequels, Henry Mancini wrote a new and slick theme for Clifton Sleigh’s character: a playful melody for solo clarinet with orchestration reminiscent of Victor/Victoria. Unfortunately, the tapes with the original sound mix made at CTS studios in London are completely lost. Therefore, they had to go back to the 24-multi track courtesy of the MGM archives to try to create a new and fresh sound mix based on the original notes. Every single piece of music written by Henry Mancini for this film has been included in this soundtrack album, including a few alternate takes of some of the themes. In a word, this score is pure Mancini: charm and elegance from one of the most indispensable film music composers, and a lost chapter in a saga has now achieved cult status. And hurry..! Less than 200 copies are left..!
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