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John Cacavas/Giuliano Sorgini Horror Express/The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue
12-Oct-2010 - After Who Can Kill A Child?, The House That Screamed and Howling of the Devil, Quartet Records has released another two of the most essential European Horror titles combined in one newly remastered CD that includes a 24-pages booklet with an analysis of both scores by expert Ángel García Romero. Horror Express (1972) was the first film score ever written by composer John Cacavas (Kojaj, Airport 1975, Airport 1977). It features a sticky melody of clear Russian roots and is further rich in rythms and atmospheres. Unfortunately, the tapes of the original recordings found in Mercury Films vaults were damaged beyond repair. So, they had to use the re-recording Cacavas himself conducted a couple of years later. Luckily all key material written for the film has been preserved this way and in a performance very much alike the original one. The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue (Non Si Deve Profanare Il Sonno Dei Morti) (1974), directed by Jordi Grau (Historia de una chica sola, Il Peccato) features a suprising and unusual film score by Italian composer Giuliano Sorgini. The latter is filled with choral pieces, afterlife sounds and a counteless number of urban beat rythms.
For more info and ordering, visit Quartet Records.

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