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Two Humphrey Bogart classics now on Blu-Ray
18-Oct-2010 -

The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre
"One of the greatest American films"
Warner Home Video presents a Humphrey Bogart Classic: The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre.
Gold in the hills, avarice in the hearts of men. Two hard-luck drifters (Humphrey Bogart and
Tim Holt) and a grizzled prospector (Walter Huston) discover gold. Then greed and paranoia set in.
Shot in Mexico, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre cost a then-huge $3 million – and led to a
Jack Warner argued top-billed Bogart shouldn’t die before the finale. But John Huston
stood his ground and won Academy Awards for his direction and screenplay.* And his dad took the
Best Supporting Actor Oscar. Without awards, but with enduring acclaim, is Bogart’s performance,
transforming from a likable hobo to a heartless thug simmering in greed. Treasure’s place on the
American Film Institute’s Top 100 American Films list reaffirms it’s still a powerful movie.
Own it on Blu-ray from and Amazon UK.
The Maltese Falcon
One of the greatest detective thrillers makes its Hi-Def debut.
Also from Warner Home Video comes another Humphrey Bogart Classic on Blu-Ray: The Maltese Falcon.        
A gallery of high-living lowlifes will stop at nothing to get their sweaty hands on a jewel-encrusted
falcon. Detective Sam Spade (Humphrey Bogart) wants to find out why – and who’ll take the fall for
his pertner’s murder. An all-star cast (including Sydney Greenstreet, Mary Astor, Peter Lorre and
Elisha Cook Jr.) joins Bogart in this crackling mystery masterwork written for the screen
(from Dashiell Hammett’s novel) and directed by John Huston.
This nominee for 3 Academy Awards®* – Best Picture, Supporting Actor (Greenstreet) and
Screenplay (Huston) – catapulted Bogart to stardom and launched Huston’s directorial career.
All with a bird and a bang.
Own it on Blu-ray from and Amazon UK.

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