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Music From The Golden Age Of French Cinema
22-Oct-2010 -

   Take a guided tour of the Music from the Golden Age of French Cinema!
   This four CD set, released by Disques Cinémusique in Canada, will appeal
   to the French film music enthusiast as well as the newcomer.
   The period spans from the beginning of the thirties to the late fifties, at
   the advent of the New Wave. 
   Disques Cinémusique has selected more than four hours of music written
   by 16 composers, taken from 30 different movies ranging from the often
   little known documentaries and shorts to the great classics.
   The 73 tracks are free of dialogue and sound effects, offering only high
   quality instrumental music and related cinematic songs which reflect
   various styles, from classical to jazz, to romantic ballade. 
   Whether the music appears for the first time on CD or is reissued,
   Disques Cinémusique has optimized the sound quality even for the
   archival recordings.
   The handsome 28-page illustrated booklet provides an insightful
   overview of the composers and their works.
   For more info and ordering, visit Disques Cinémusique.

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