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Mark Kilian's Legacy
12-Nov-2010 - Lakeshore Records has released Legacy, available only digitally. Mark Kilian (La Mission, Rendition) composed the original music. “The score features an exciting blend of retro flavored orchestral writing reminiscent of Bernard Herrmann's work with Hitchcock and a modern electronica sensibility applied to the writing and manipulation of acoustic and electronic instruments and percussion,” said Kilian. Idris Elba portrays Malcom Gray, a decorated anti-terrorist black-ops soldier. When a military effort to tackle and arms dealer ends in Gray’s capture and torture, he later finds himself back in his Brooklyn apartment struggling to overcome the effects of severe paranoia and anxiety. While isolated, he reflects on the inconsistencies of the assignment gone wrong and begins to question the loyalty of his own brother, a senator on the verge of a presidential campaign.  
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