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Nuno Malo's Amália
3-Dec-2010 - MovieScore Media has released Amália, written by Portuguese composer Nuno Malo, whose score for Julgamento was recently released by MovieScore Media. He has written an incredibly moving orchestral score for Amália, a dramatic portrayal of one of Portugal's most famous musical personalities - Fado legend Amália Rodriguez. If you have already checked out Julgamento, you know that Nuno Malo is a melody-driven composer who has a very firm belief in the role of strong themes - Amália showcases this even more, and is at the same time a very romantic, beautiful score where Malo's rich string writing forms the backbone of the music. Among the many gorgeous compositions on the album are two versions of "Lament: Fado Dos Meus Erros" - the main theme of the score which is presented in two versions of which one features a very moving cello solo by Tina Guo.
For more info and ordering, visit MovieScore Media.

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