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Carlo Savina's La Colt La Mia Legge
22-Dec-2010 - Digitmovies has released for the first time on CD the complete score in mono by Carlo Savina for the movie La Colt è La Mia Legge (aka La Ley Del Colt, The Colt Is My Law) directed in 1965 by Alfonso Brescia. Peter is engaged by Mr. O'Brien, the richest land owner of that territory who has a niece becoming engaged to George, a spoilt dandy. In fact the powerful land owner is the boss of a gang which for a long time has been robbing stagecoaches passing through that territory. Then suddenly a mysterious masked knight, a kind of Zorro who seems to appear from nowhere, begins to fight against these criminal actions. Carlo Savina has written a short, but remarkable score which features an epic Deguello main theme for trumpet, guitars, harmonica and orchestra, repeated with a slow and magic version. A right and proper rescue and preservation of the Italian Silver Age and of the film music of Carlo Savina.
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