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5-Jan-2011 -

 Here are some contenders for OSCAR songs and/or scores.
For Best Song
Tangled - "I See The Light"
by Alan Menken and Glen Slater;
performed by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi
The Rapunzel story through Disney with original music
by Alan Menken. In this scene, Rapunzel and Flynn are
on a dingy in the harbor watching lanterns launched into
the night sky. The song is a double entrendre: the lights
in the sky and discovering their love. 
Pure Country 2 - The Gift - "Dream Big"
by Stephen Dorff; performed by Katrina Elam
This heartwarming film tells the story of a young country
singer who loses her way and her angelic voice.
The original film was released nearly 20 years ago and
country legend George Strait reprises his role in this film
with new country star Katrina Elam. This inspirational ballad
plays throughout the film and in the climax when "Bobbie"
recovers her singing voice. 
Black Tulip - "Freedom Song"
by Natalie Cole and Christopher Young; performed by Natalie Cole
An Afghanistan family's life is ruined by the Taliban after they
close their poetry cafe. This trumphant song, sung in Dari and
English by Natalie Cole, appears in the finale of the film as
the residents return to Poet's Corner when free speech is
practiced again when the cafe is reopened.
For Best Score

The King's Speech
Original score by Alexandre Desplat
This biopic tells the story of King George VI, who reluctantly
assumes the role of King after his brother abdicates the thrown.
Plagued by a dreaded stammer and considered unfit to wear
the crown, the king struggles to find his voice and boldly lead
the country through war. To convey the sense of restrained
emotion and to capture the sound of the period, composer
Alexandre Desplat found in the archives of EMI, the very
microphones which belonged to and were used exclusively
by George V, George VI, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary,
and used them at Abbey Road Studios to record the orchestra.
Waiting For Superman
Original score by Christophe Beck
The documentary explains the broken public education
system in the U.S. Beck's original score emotionally supports
the storyline and the plight of the american families profiled
in the film. Beck combined whimsical instrumentation such as
pizzicato strings and bouncy percussion with simple, intimate
instrumentation such as a single guitar or piano to balance
a lively presentation with the harsh reality of these
children's lives.

Ironman 2
Original score by John Debney
Iron Man 2 is an American superhero film featuring the
Marvel Comics character Iron Man.
Award-winning composer John Debney reunites with
director Jon Favreau for the third time for “Iron Man 2.”
He recently recorded the score with a full orchestra at
world famous Abbey Road. Debney incorporates both
classical motifs and rock sounds into his original score,
and recruited guitarist Tom Morello (Rage Against the
Machine/Audioslave) to incorporate his unique guitar

For Colored Girls
by Aaron Zigman
The film is based on Ntozake Shange’s Tony and Obie
award-winning choreopoem “For Colored Girls Who
Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf.”
Zigman’s sweeping original score is complemented
with an evocative aria he composed, “La Donna in
Viola.” The score is performed with full orchestra
and features solo performances by violin virtuoso
Joshua Bell with Aaron Zigman on piano. Zigman
also appears in the movie, conducting the orchestra
as it plays his aria.
Black Tulip

Original score by Christopher Young
The official Afghanistan Oscar entry for Best Foreign
film. The film, based on a true story, examines an
Afghan family's life ruined by the Taliban after they
close their poetry cafe. Black Tulip opens a window
into a moderate yet devoutly Muslim middle class
and the struggles they encounter.
The score conveys both the physical and emotional
climate of the region with Middle Eastern motiffs
along with orchestral arrangements.

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