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16-Jan-2011 - On January 28, Digitmovies will release the complete score by Carlo Savina in mono for the movie Il Massacro Della Foresta Nera (aka Hermann der Cherusker - Die Schlacht Im Teutoburger Wald). The young Arminius, chief of the Germanic tribe of the Cherusceans, revolts against the Romans from whom he learned the art of military and defeats Quintilius Varus' three legions in the forest of Teutoburg. Director Ferdinando Baldi almost simultaneously shot All’ombra Delle Aquile and Il Massacro Della Foresta Nera with the same cast, locations and costumes (for budgetary reasons), but the money that was invested allowed the composer Carlo Savina to write two completely different orchestral scores. “All’ombra delle aquile” is already available on CD Digitmovies (CDDM155). For the present CD the mono master tapes of the original session have been used.
Also from Digitmovies for the first time complete and in full stereo the scores for two Italian police movies of the 70s: Roma, L’Altra Faccia Della Violenza (aka L'Autre Côté De La Violence)  with music by Bixio-Frizzi-Tempera. The father and brother of an 18 year old girl who had been killed during a robbery agree to cooperate with the police themselves. On the same CD the music by Giampaolo Chiti and Sergio Montori for La Banda Vallanzasca (aka The Vallanzasca Gang). Escaped from the penitentiary of Regina Coeli, a robber is hired by a mysterious gang that turns him, to his own regret, into a public enemy. After having kidnapped the daughter of an oilman, he runs away with her, but the organization kills both of them. For this CD, Digitmovies with the great help of their friends at Cinevox, had access to the stereo master tapes of the sessions of both the original scores.
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