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Xavier Capellas' Bruc
17-Jan-2011 - MovieScore Media has released Bruc, with a score by Xavier Capellas - yet another brilliant musician and part of the current Spanish film music movement which continues to impress audiences all over the world. Bruc is a big, epic score where Capellas combines the forces of a large orchestra and choir with ethnic instrumentation (duduk, bouzouki) and ethereal solo voice (performed by Beth). Bruc takes place in the early 19th century and tells the story of the manhunt for the hero who single-handedly put a stop to Napoleon's victorious march across Europe. Sometimes large and gothic in nature, sometimes melodic and romantic, sometimes aggressive and hard-hitting, Capellas' score is a great addition to the Spanish film music literature and one that MovieScore Media is very proud to release. The music is also available as download.
For more info and ordering, visit MovieScore Media.

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