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George S. Clinton Scores Salvation Boulevard in his Premiere at Sundance Film Festival
24-Jan-2011 -

Sundance Institute teacher and award-winning
composer scores Salvation Boulevard by
Writer/Director George Ratliff.
The film premieres at the Sundance Film Festival
with three showings: January 24th, 26th, and
29th. As a regular volunteer at the Sundance
Institute, this will ironically be Clinton’s first
submission to the festival.
Salvation Boulevard focuses on Pastor Dan
(Pierce Brosnan), a charismatic preacher who
captivates a city with his charm. The road to
hell—in this case, Salvation Boulevard—is
paved with good intentions—gone
hysterically wrong. The cast also features
performances by Jennifer Connelly, Marisa Tomei,
and Ed Harris.
As Salvation Boulevard follows a preacher and his
church, Clinton incorporates various religious themes
into the score. Gothic themes surround Pastor Dan,
while right-hand man Jerry Hobson (Jim Gaffigan)
has an Old Testament, Middle Eastern aesthetic.
To complete the wide musical spectrum, the score
also branches into deadhead acoustic rock.
Clinton accomplished this variety with a collection
of acoustic instruments, such as various bowed
instruments, guitars, and mandolins.
Most recently, Clinton scored the award-winning
documentary HOMETOWN GLORY, and the family
comedy THE TOOTH FAIRY. Clinton’s other credits
 include Zalman King's RED SHOE DIARIES,
AUSTIN POWERS. Clinton repeatedly demonstrates
his versatility as a composer. He received an Emmy
nomination for “Best Original Score” for the
His score varied from Americana to Native
American elements, enlisting World-renowned
flutist John Two-Hawks for the project.
In addition to his film projects, Clinton wrote
several concert works, musicals, and songs,
 and has recorded with Michael Jackson,
Joe Cocker, Smokey Robinson and Johnny
Mathis. Clinton joined the likes of John Williams,
Jerry Goldsmith, and Danny Elfman when
bestowed with BMI’s highest honor for a
composer, The Richard Kirk Award for Career
Achievement. George S. Clinton believes in
imparting his knowledge on a new
generation of filmmakers, and for the last ten
years, he has volunteered his time and
experience to filmmakers and composers
at the Sundance Institute in Park City, Utah.

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