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Christopher Blaser/Steffen Kahles' Alpha 0.7
29-Jan-2011 - Normal Records has released Alpha 0.7, the music for a very unusual, almost subversive Sci-Fi mini-series in six parts, produced by Arte, ARD, SWR and Time Slip. The staging of the "Parkour" director Marc Rensing story takes place in Stuttgart in 2017 and shows, together with Anna Maria Mühe, many other familiar faces. The current reference to Stuttgart 21 is almost scary, but the makers come in handy. It is precisely the issue in the series: powerlessness of the individual, government control, surveillance, manipulation, dangerous technologies. The music for the series is from the music production company Largoland (including "Emmas Glück"), four tracks from the band Crash Conspiracy from Blackmail ex-singer Aydo Abay. The score by Christopher Blaser and Steffen Kahles is an interesting blend of orchestral music, electronica and guitars.
Available from Amazon Germany.

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