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The Film Music of Chris Ridenhour
14-Mar-2011 -

MovieScore Media celebrates the work of up and coming composer Chris Ridenhour - who took his first steps in the
film music industry working with such esteemed colleagues as Lalo Schifrin, Mark Isham and Shirley Walker.
MovieScore Media releases three CDs of music from cult movie producers
The Asylum. Ridenhour has scored some twenty of their most succesful so called
The first album focuses on the science fiction films Ridenhour worked on:
Always working on a very tight budget and extremely short schedule,
Ridenhour is producing music that is extremely imaginative and filled with
excitement, adrenaline rushes and emotional colors.
MSM's second Chris Ridenhour CD features a selection of fantasy film scores
written by the composer for The Asylum: The 7 Adventures of Sinbad,
Just like in the case of the two other Ridenhour albums, MSM has been inspired
by the classic compilation albums Bernard Herrmann recordings for Decca which
featured lengthy suites from his film scores.
All three CDs present all scores in suite format, carefully edited to highlight the
best and most exciting elements of each work. Ridenhour's fantasy film scores
are very exciting and colorful, action-packed and filled with adrenaline-pumping
percussive and rhythmic writing. 
Featuring music from the best known of The Asylum's many cult movies,
Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, the Chris Ridenhour release that focuses on his
monster film score also features selections from the ghost movie Haunting of
Winchester House, the Mega Shark follow-up Mega Piranha and the studio's
monstrous take on Sherlock Holmes, plus 2 bonus tracks: the overture from
Mega Python vs Gateroid and the theme from 2010: Moby Dick
Despite the fact that virtually all of Ridenhour's scores are composed on a
shoestring budget with almost just a couple of weeks to deliver 90 minutes of
complex, action-dominated music, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus is one example
of the composer's ability to invest originality into his music: here the shark is
represented by quotes of music by Beethoven and the octopus by some elegant
Bach. It is all really exciting, and above all - a load of fun!
For more info and ordering, visit MovieScore Media


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