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First special IFMCA jury prize handed out
26-Mar-2011 -

At the Unheard Film Festival in Amsterdam a special IFMCA prize was handed out for the first time.
The International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA) each year honours excellence in film music.
For The Battle, the soundtrack competition of the Unheard Film Festival, 66 students of European
art and music academies participated by composing a new sound score for (existing) short films.
Two Dutch IFMCA-members  formed the independent press jury that judged fourteen entries
who made it to the finals of The Battle, on 25 March.
They bestowed the IFMCA jury prize to Matt Davies and Oliver Cadman of the Jazz Department of
Leeds College of Music in Leeds, England, for their brilliant and captivating score to the short
Cherry Picking, a black and white harvest reportage from the archives of the Netherlands Eye Film
Institute in Amsterdam. The young men wrote modern-day music that strikingly accompanied the
images of this old Dutch pastoral film.
After the awards show in the Eye Film Institute Davies (20) and Cadman (22) appeared to be
nicely surprised to be picked as winners by the IFMCA jury. They stated that they had written their
minimal score with a classical structure within two weeks, playing only a handful of acoustic
instruments such as guitar, cello, piano and double bass.
The prize will undoubtedly encourage both aspiring students on their path of becoming
promising film composers.
For a full report, visit the website of the IFMCA

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