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Hop Lays Golden Egg..!
4-Apr-2011 -

Score by award-winning composer
Christopher Lennertz
The adventures of EB and Easter Island are number one at the box office.
Universal Pictures' HOP made an estimated $38.1 million to claim the title
of highest-grossing opening weekend in 2011 so far. The film is scored
by award-winning composer Christopher Lennertz, who also collaborated
with HOP director Tim Hill on 2007's box office champion Alvin and the
Chipmunks. Starring Russell Brand and James Marsden, this combination
of state-of-the-art animation and live action tells the tale of an out-of-work
slacker who injures the Easter Bunny and must take him in while he
recovers. The score album is released on Varèse Sarabande Records.
Director Tim Hill describes Christopher Lennertz’s score for Hop as “lush,
diverse, vivid, magical, playful and yet unified.” He went on to say,
“I really love what Chris did with his themes and how he kept percussion
alive in the orchestration throughout. He found places to elevate scenes
with colors and punctuation where I hadn’t thought it possible.
The score has so many great touches, ranging from a classic animation
style to blues-based and percussion driven pieces, all of which add up to
a thrilling listening experience.”
Hop producer Chris Meledandri (Despicable Me, Ice Age) was also impressed
with Lennertz’s score for the movie: "Chris has written beautiful music for
our film. As a storyteller, the music has unquestionably added another
dimension to the film weaving narrative, evoking emotion, building
suspense and supporting humor,” he explains. “When you take the film
away, these compositions stand on their own; in fact, they soar."
The score is available from, Amazon UK,

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