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Medal Of Honor
12-Apr-2011 -
Leading Hollywood composers unite this Saturday, April 16, to celebrate the release of
Medal of Honor composer Christopher Lennertz will be at Dark Delicacies in Burbank
from 2-3 PM, signing the box sets and also copies of his latest family blockbuster, Hop.
Also in attendance will be composers Mark Isham (Crossing Over), Cliff Martinez
(The Lincoln Lawyer), Stu Phillips (Battlestar Galactica), Scott Glasgow (Low),
Ryan Shore (Jack Brooks Monster Slayer), and Jeremy Zuckerman & Ben Wynn
(DC Showcase).
Dark Delicacies Books and Collectibles is located at 3512 W. Magnolia, Burbank CA 91505.
For more information call the store at 1-818-556-6660 or visit
The limited edition eight-disc box set showcases Medal of Honor music by
composers Michael Giacchino (UP), Ramin Djawadi (IRONMAN), and
Christopher Lennertz (HOP).
The box set includes previously unreleased material from the videogame series,
a 40-page booklet with track listings, and introduction by game creator, Steven Spielberg. 
In choosing an appropriate composer to convey the mood of the first Medal of Honor,
legendary director Steven Spielberg was introduced to and impressed with young
unknown composer, Michael Giacchino. “I did what anybody in their right mind would do,”
said Spielberg. “I signed him up to score Medal of Honor—and the rest of Giacchino’s history
belongs to him.” Giacchino’s video game score pioneered live orchestral recordings of
videogame music.
After four highly successful video game scores, the baton was passed to Christopher
Lennertz, who also composed the score for the Quantum of Solace game.
Lennertz recorded MOH European Assault and Pacific Assault with the Hollywood Studio
Symphony, which has recorded for legendary composers such as John Williams.
Last year the game was reinvented and for the first time in its 12-year history, Medal of
Honor left World War II and entered the modern day warfare in Afghanistan.
The most recent disc of the collection demanded an intense score that could bring the
game into this brand new era, and Ramin Djawadi was brought on for the challenge.
Known for his score for Iron Man and the Prison Break television series, Djawadi’s score
matches the intensity of the soldier’s story and Tier 1 experience in 2010’s MEDAL OF
 If you can't attend the meeting,  click on
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 before it's to late..!
This unique box is a limited edition, so hurry.

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