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Andrew Hewitt's Submarine
2-May-2011 - MovieScore Media has released the score for Submarine. British composer Andrew Hewitt, who had his stylish and effective score for Cuckoo released by MovieScore Media in December, has written a very beautiful orchestral score for the independent drama hit Submarine. The film itself has been a huge hit among reviewers. The primary theme is an elegiac piece for strings and harp, richly scored and with a harmonic elegance that goes straight into the soul of the listener. Recorded at Air Studios, the score also features quirkier elements such as a theme for Hammond organ and a short fugatic piano interlude. Submarine opens theatrically in the US on June 3. Despite its short duration, Hewitt's score makes a strong emotional impact and MovieScore Media decided to make the short work available as an EP in the digital format for all fans of this exquisite composer!
For more info and downloading, visit MovieScore Media.

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