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Screamworks Records launches with the release of Stake Land
17-May-2011 -

The new division of MovieScore Media will be devoted
exclusively to music from horror films

Moviescore Media has announced the launch of Screamworks Records,
a new division dedicated to releasing horror film music. The first release
from the label will be Stake Land, composed by Jeff Grace. Future releases
from Screamworks Records will include Dawning (Nathaniel Levisay),
Heartless (David Julyan) and The Man Who Collected Food (Daniel Alcheh).
“In the world of film music, some of the most clever, inventive and outright
exciting scores are written for horror films. Screamworks Records is our answer
to that, and our aim is to reach both soundtrack aficionados and horror movie
buffs with our new brand. Stake Land is a perfect choice for our first release:
an acclaimed film and a great score by one of the most talented genre
composers out there,” said MovieScore Media’s producer, Mikael Carlsson.

In her review of Stake Land Alissa Simon of Variety described, “Also
standing out among the strong craft credits is Jeff Grace's evocative score,
which incorporates spirituals and traditional folk tunes.”
Jeff Grace is a composer working for film, concert and stage.
His compositions have been performed by the Flux Quartet, Bulgarica
Philharmonia, Valentina Farcas (Berlin Comic Opera), members of the
New York Metropolitan Opera, and the New York Philharmonic orchestras.
Grace’s film projects include Meek’s Cutoff, The Innkeepers, The House of
the Devil, I Sell The Dead, The Last Winter, and Liberty Kid.
Several of Jeff's scores are available from Moviescore Media.

The first release on the new Screamworks Record label is anything but
a typical horror score. “What's disappointing is that too many people come
along and make the most basic decisions and opt for quick meaningless
exploitation and that's what gives horror movies a bad name,” said the
film’s director/co-writer Jim Mickle. “But there's actually an incredibly loyal
audience who loves every form of the genre, and who appreciate a different
approach to the tools of horror filmmaking. Often times that just means
looking back outside the genre for inspiration.”

Stake Land from Screamworks Records will be available digitally and in
stores on May 24, 2011. For more info, visit MovieScore Media.

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