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26-May-2011 - Howlin' Wolf Records, the Home for Horror, Suspense, and Sci-Fi Film scores,  has released three scores. The first one is The Cry, with music composed by Dean Parker. It's a dark, ambient score with subtle themes and menacing sound design, creating a haunting musical journey into the Latin American legend of La Llorona. The Cry is a Limited Edition pressing of 500 shipping with an additional autographed insert for a limited time while supplies last.
The second one is CyborgThe Director's Cut with music composed by Tony Riparetti & Jim Saad. This is a vintage 80's sci-fi synth score with soaring themes, rhythmic tracks, and bold rock anthems for the post apocalyptic world of pirates, slingers, and the cyborg. This is a Limited Edition pressing with additional autographed inserts for a limited time
And last but not least: The Bunker, with music composed by Robert Feigenblatt. He wrote a rich, melodic horror score for the film by Joseph M. Monks, co-creator of the American horror comic anthology Cry For Dawn. The Bunker is a Limited Edition pressing of 1000 that will be distributed as a free promo.
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