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3-Jun-2011 -

Philip Miller White Lion
South Africa-based composer Philip Miller (Catch a Fire) has written a
stunning orchestral score for this wild-life adventure movie about a white lion
that is rejected by his pack and forced to embark upon a perilous journey
of survival.
Performed by the Johannesburg Film Orchestra, the score is very classical
in its approach to the thematic material, with subtle ethnic elements
added to the symphonic palette.
Michael Richard Plowman Age Of Heroes
Based on the true story of the formation of the British 30 Commando,
one of the most respected, secretive and exclusive special forces regiments
formed during WW2, Age of Heroes is an action-packed film that boosts a
truly exciting and heroic orchestral score.
Recorded in Budapest, the score combines an old-fashioned melodic
approach (grandiose themes for strings, brass and percussion) with
adrenaline-driven action scoring. This is an impressive debut soundtrack
CD that will appeal to all fans of great action music!
Greg Sims The Lion Of Judah 
The "first 3D faith-based animation to be released in theaters worldwide,
" The Lion of Judah is a family adventure that features a very exciting
orchestral score by film scoring newcomer Greg Sims.
His knack for big orchestral music in a cinematic fashion really shines
in The Lion of Judah, which is the type of action-orientated, thematically
rich and expertly orchestrated film score so many fans of the genre enjoy.
A great score for any fan of great orchestral film music.
Performed with stamina by the City of Prague Philharmonic! 
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