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Francesco Lavagnino's L'Ultimo Paradiso.
3-Jun-2011 - Alhambra Records has released the score for L'Ultimo Paradiso, a 1955 Italian independent film, released in the USA in 1956, which is basically a travelogue telling four stories, each about a different island in the South Pacific. Native customs, tribal rites, ceremonial procedure, courtships, and feats of strength and courage are depicted. The test of courage, for males, on one island , is a leap from a high wooden tower to the ground with a thin vine wrapped around their ankle breaking the fall at the last minute. The first bungee-jumpers? The music is by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino (as Francesco Lavagnino). The CD is in full stereo, has five bonus tracks and is a limited edition of 500 copies.
For more info and ordering, visit Alhambra Records. 

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