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FIMUCITÉ V will perform unforgettable songs live for the first time
8-Jun-2011 -

The soprano Carmen Acosta and the soloist Esther Ovejero will combine
talents at the Closing Gala of the fifth edition of the Tenerife International Film
Music Festival (FIMUCITÉ), which will take place from June 27 to July 2,
sponsored by Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, Canary Islands Government and
Santa Cruz and La Laguna City Councils. The concert will be on July 2,
at 21:00 in the Auditorio de Tenerife “Adán Martín”.

With the idea of innovating in every edition, for the first time, FIMUCITÉ
will perform unforgettable songs live, added to the usual orchestra
repertoire. During the Gala, focused on two unquestionable film music
composers, Bernard Hermann and John Barry, Carmen Acosta will sing
“Salaambo´s Aria” from “Citizen Kane”, and Ovejero will perform two
of the most remembered James Bond saga songs: “Goldfinger” and
“Diamonds are forever”.

The well known Tenerife soprano, for whom “it will be a honor to sing
in the Auditorio with the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra”, said that the
theme of Orson Welles’ classic is an “extreme work, perfect for a high
pitched repertoire”. She also praised its “classic and operatic” structure.
Carmen Acosta has specialized in opera, and has a good command of
presence and movement on stage, given by her excellent previous
drama training. “The aim –she added- is to integrate yourself completely
with the piece or the character you are performing, so the more you
approach to that integration, the more convincing the singing is”.

Esther Ovejero’s performance, whose voice range has been compared
to Shirley Bassey’s, the original singer of James Bond themes, will be
essential for her career because “it will be my first time in the Auditorio
and before a much bigger audience than I’m used to”. An audience that
will not be disappointed because the soloist’s “black voice” has received
the applause of thousands of “soul” lovers, a style in which she feels
very comfortable.
Ovejero, who is very fond of expression and staging, also admits
herself to be “quite an actress” on the stage. She said she was very
“touched” to sing for the first time these two 007 themes.
For more info, visit the Fimucité website.

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