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2-Sep-2011 - Chris' Soundtrack Corner has released two Italian classics. The first one is Il Consigliori. Riz Ortolani's 1973 assignment Il Consigliori aka Counselor At Crime or The Counselor was made in direct response to the astounding success of Coppola's The Godfather. The film, which was directed by Alberto DeMartino, stars Martin Balsam and Tomas Milian. Ortolani fortunately chose not to emulate Nino Rota's genius (except for one finely crafted theme) but instead relied on his own compositional voice. Because of this IL CONSIGLIORI is a deftly balanced mix of ostensibly disparate elements, and will satisfy all collectors who crave scores to be an exciting synthesis of styles and approach. The score has previously only been released as nine tracks on vinyl, while this latest Chris' Soundtrack Corner production generously gives fourteen restored cuts plus three bonus cues not used in the film.
The second one is Sono Stato Un Agente CIA. This 1978 Italian espionage thriller stars well-known 60s/70s American actor David Janssen – television's original FUGITIVE. Also known as Covert Action the taut narrative is a precursor to the wildly successful Jason Bourne series in that Janssen's character is in Europe fighting to stay alive and one step ahead of his former employers, a dark cabal within the American intelligence community. This 1978 release features a score graced with numerous full-form melodies and is an imminently accessible – and fulfilling - listening experience from beginning to end. Stelvio Cipriani rarely disappoints and this effort is certainly no exception to that rule.
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