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Extra copies for Jerry Goldsmith's Explorers
6-Sep-2011 - We all have seen that Explorers has been sold out even before the shipping date! We don't know if it's a new world record, but for sure it's not far away from that. But there's hope. Intrada Records is going to change it's policy, according to Doug's Corner, where Doug says: We're not happy to see people get left out of such an exciting release. So we're arranging to quickly re-press an additional batch, enabling more people a chance to purchase the CD. Effective immediately, Intrada plans on tweaking our limited edition model to have the quantity of CDs be more reflective of the demand. Golly! The AFM historic rates policy remains in effect so these will, by definition, have a cap at 10,000 in any case. But our concern right now is avoiding sell-outs in 24 hours... or in this case, even less than that!!
You can read the whole message at Doug's Corner. And thanks, Intrada, many soundtrack collectors will love you for this step..!

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