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1-Oct-2011 -

Dominik Scherrer MovieScore Media has released the action-packed CD release of
Dominik Scherrer's
stirring orchestral music from the popular
dinosaur adventure series Primeval. The album features over 75
minutes of original music from the first three seasons of the show.
Dominik Scherrer has composed a truly exciting theme for the series,
and the underscoring is filled with orchestral excitiment often with
a sort of urban drive, intriguing suspense writing and big action
Michael Richard Plowman
A Lonely Place To Die
This soundtrack album from MovieScore Media is the label’s second
with up and coming composer Michael Richard Plowman, whose
“compelling, rousing score” for Age of Heroes delivered an “evocative
and stirring amount of melody and passion” according to the Boston
Examiner. The orchestral score for A Lonely Place to Die features a
lot of exciting action tracks, tense suspense and also a lot of
beautiful melodic writing.
Said Plowman, “I wanted a large percussive palette, and then which
I know was the right call was to have almost classical lyrical score
peppered throughout the film” 
Alfons Conde
Viento En Contra
Following the acclaimed releases of Alfons Conde's scores for
The Abandoned, The Dark Hour and No-Do, MovieScore Media has
the new album from this brilliant Spanish composer.
This is an exciting action thriller score written for orchestra and
electronics with the composer showing new stylistic sides of his
musical personality not heard before: a lot of the music here is
the type of adrenaline-pumping suspense and action stuff you
normally only hear in big Hollywood movies - think James Newton
Howard, Jerry Goldsmith with a dash of John Powell and a
sophisticated, elegant orchestral language that has a lot in
common with John Williams.
For more info and ordering, visit MovieScore Media.

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