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Carlo Savina's L'Orchestre Rouge
27-Oct-2011 - Saimel Ediciones has released volume 9 in their Saimel Masterworks series, the score for L'Orchestre Rouge. It's the world premiere release of one of the last creations of Carlo Savina. The film tells the story of a Soviet espionage organization, the Red Orchestra which was implanted right into the very heart of the nazi empire. It was considered the most important espionage net of World War II. Savina uses a diverse set of themes, with a classic style, and presents a wonderful main leitmotif, very melodic and melancholic. The soundtrack is defined by the melodic and drama character, with moments of tension that puts us in the context of the film. Saimel has released all the music from the original masters with a total of 52 minutes.
For more info, visit Saimel Ediciones.

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