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Nicolas Errèra's Shaolin
9-Nov-2011 - MovieScore Media has released French composer Nicolas Errèra's powerful, highly emotional and truly epic score for the Hong Kong action adventure Shaolin (Xin Shao Lin Si), starring Andy Lau and Jackie Chan. This is a very beautiful, thematically rich and engaging score that mixes ethnic elements (including enchanting erhu solos by virtuoso Guo Gan), subtle sound design and pounding percussion with the forces of a full orchestra (The Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra). Following the journey of the film's heroic protagonist, Errèra's music is filled with passionate themes (such as the heartbreakingly beautiful "The Little Girl"), intense action writing and engaging suspense. A truly dynamic album that beautifully balances intimate melodies with outstanding orchestral action! First edition of the CD is limited to 500 copies.
For more info and ordering, visit MovieScore Media.

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