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Howard Shore's A Dangerous Method released
23-Nov-2011 -

The original score by Howard Shore and Lang Lang's
performance of Wagner's Siegfried Idyll.
Sony Music has released the original score of A Dangerous
Method. Howard Shore, a leading composer for movies, wrote
the music for this dark and dramatic tale set in Zurich and Vienna
on the eve of the First World War. A major part of the soundtrack
is a recording of Richard Wagner’s Siegfried Idyll by one of the
most exciting pianists of our time, Lang Lang.

A Dangerous Method is the story of the relationship between
two of the great pioneers of modern psychology, Carl Jung
(played by Michael Fassbender) and Sigmund Freud (Viggo
Mortensen), and of Jung’s relationship with his brilliant and
beautiful young patient Sabina Spielrein, a wonderful role
for Keira Knightley. Jung successfully treats Sabina, who
with his encouragement becomes a psychiatrist herself,
and through correspondence about her case Jung gains the
friendship of Freud. When Jung breaks off his love affair with
Sabina, she becomes Freud’s patient, and differences on
moral and intellectual issues open a gap between the two men.
Director David Cronenberg has chosen Howard Shore to write
the score for all but one of his films in the last 30 years.
Shore’s arrangement of Richard Wagner’s Siegfried Idyll
features on this soundtrack. Wagner composed the Idyll as a
birthday present for his wife Cosima after the birth of their
son Siegfried in 1869. It is a highly personal piece of music:
its first performance, by a small ensemble in Wagner’s home
on Christmas Day 1870, woke Cosima on that morning from
her sleep. Later Wagner incorporated music from the Idyll into
his opera Siegfried, the third of the four parts of The Ring.
The interpreter of the 20-minute Siegfried Idyll on this
soundtrack, the pianist Lang Lang, is one of Sony Music’s most
renowned artists. His meteoric career has taken him around
the world for performances in front of huge audiences and even
into the White House. His dazzling technique is matched by
serious thought about the pieces he plays.
A Dangerous Method with its many-layered story of sexual
and intellectual exploration and its star cast has the potential
for great box-office success. Shore’s music and the superb
playing of Lang Lang will delight listeners who have seen the
movie and fans of piano music and Wagner alike.
The score is available from, Amazon UK,

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