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30-Nov-2011 -

Nicolas Errèra N
MovieScore Media has released French composer
Nicolas Errèra's Nuit Blanche. This is an urban, intense
but equally emotional score for the French action thriller
which stars Tomer Sisley, Joey Starr and Julien Boisselier
in a story about a drug heist that goes wrong.
The soundtrack album plays a little like a French version
of Heat, with the orchestral/electronic score being joined
by a handful of electronica tracks - dark and hard-hitting
deep house numbers by Ionic Benton and Valgun.
Available as download only.
John R. Graham Alleged
MovieScore Media has released Alleged from composer
John R. Graham, whose previous credits include the
controversial action flick Bitch Slap and dramas such as
American Strays, My Brother's War and The American
Standards, has written an immensely beautiful, uplifting
and romantic score for Alleged. The film takes place in
Dayton, Tennessee, in 1925 and tells the story of a
talented young reporter who manages to insert himself
into the middle of the "trial of the century".
Available as download only.
Michael Richard Plowman Treasure Guards
UK-based composer Michael Richard Plowman has had
an impressive breakthrough in 2011 with his two feature
film scores, Age of Heroes and A Lonely Place to Die.
MovieScore Media is excited to release their third album
with Plowman this year: Treasure Guards, a very entertaining
and rich orchestral action adventure score written for the
German television movie starring Anna Friel and Raoul Bova.
Plowman fuses his big orchestra with a powerful choir and
electronic textures, infusing his themes sometimes with
ethnic elements.
And check out that gorgeous Barry-esque love theme! 
Available on CD and as download.
For more info and ordering, visit MovieScore Media.


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