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Timo Hietala's Fenster Zum Sommer
29-Nov-2011 - Normal Records has released the score for Fenster Zum Sommer. The story: together with her ​​new love, August (Mark Waschke) Juliane (Nina Hoss) is on the way from Berlin to their ancient homeland Finland. One summer night she falls asleep on the shoulder of her lover, but wakes up in the morning in the winter in Berlin. Juliane realized that half a year she has traveled back in time into a phase where she still is together with her ​​ex-boyfriend Philip (Lars Eidinger), and their friend Emily who has died in an accident in the spring but who still lives. To meet her new beloved friend August, she wants to do everything again as before, but at the same time prevents the death of her friend. The score to Hendrik Handloegten "magically beautiful film" is written by Finnish composer Timo Hietala. Nina Hoss sings the opening song in Finnish.
The score is available from Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany.

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