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Georges Delerue Partitions InÚdites / Unused Scores
29-Nov-2011 - From Universal Music France comes Georges Delerue Partitions Inédites / Unused Scores. Fans of Georges Delerue have long hungered to hear these two rejected scores: Regarding Henry (1991) and Something Wicked This Way Comes (1982). The actual scoring sessions for each clocked in at around an hour each, so it was with great trepidation that we listened to this disc which runs a little over an hour for BOTH scores. Regarding Henry presents mostly the best tracks and with excellent sound, apparently culled from the Paramount vault. Delerue has written very wistful music which the studio rejected for, perhaps, not accurately mirroring Henry's personality change. Something Wicked This Way Comes also salvages most of the best cues, including some electronic effects and interesting " stings ". However the music comes to us from Delerue's own personal library copy - which we're advised in the notes, is " the only form in which the score survived, after refusal." Hence we're not listening to studio vault copies here, and so the music quality is mostly acceptable.

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