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Piero Umiliani's Africa To-day
28-Dec-2011 - Kronos Records has released Africa To-day. This is for the first time ever on CD a library music collection of tracks by legendary Maestro Pieri UmilianiThe tracks present on this compact disc were previously issued between 1971 and 1975 on three privately issued vinyl LP's on Umiliani's own label Liuto as Omicron: Africa (1971), Polinesia (1972) and Continente Nero (1975) and recorded at SoundWorkShop Studios in Rome.  The pieces of this collection blend jazz, funk, world music and progressive rock with percussive breaks, marimba solos, piano riffs and moog licks in a state of the art performance  by Piero and his orchestra. Piero Umiliani was a great traveler and has done so with the eyes and ears of the musician.  Listening to Africa To-day is not  just a musical experience,  it is a journey into the infinite world  of  Piero, a journey through his love for music and life.
For more info and ordering, visit Kronos Records.

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