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Brian Byrne's Albert Nobbs
2-Jan-2012 - From Varèse Sarabande comes the score for Albert Nobbs. A witty Irish-set period drama about the lives of staff at Dublin’s most luxurious hotel: the illegitimate child of a maid, a beautiful couple’s impossible love, and Albert … a woman who pretends to be a man to survive. 19th Century Ireland: for a woman to be independent and single, she must deceive everyone – by pretending to be a man. Albert, a shy butler who keeps himself to himself, has been hiding deep secret for years — ‘he’ is a woman who has had to dress and behave as a man all her life in order to escape a life of poverty and loneliness. When a handsome painter Hubert Page arrives at the hotel, Albert is inspired to try and escape the false life she has created for herself. Irish composer Brian Byrne delivers a stunning score, sure to make a powerful introduction for this composer on the international film music scene. It’s beautiful and truly inspired. The soundtrack album also features “Lay Your Head Down” — the film’s original end title song — co-written with Glenn Close herself and sung by Sinéad O’Connor.
The score is available from, Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany.

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