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Dickon Hinchliffe's Rampart released.
6-Feb-2012 -

Lakeshore Records has released Rampart, the story of 
officer Dave Brown (Woody Harrelson), a Vietnam vet and
a Rampart Precinct cop, dedicated to doing “the people’s
dirty work” and asserting his own code of justice, often
blurring the lines between right and wrong to maintain
his action-hero state of mind.  When he gets caught on
tape beating a suspect, he finds himself in a personal
and emotional downward spiral as the consequences of
his past sins and his refusal to change his ways in light
of a department-wide corruption scandal seal his fate
Dickon Hinchliffe is a founder member of the British band
Tindersticks, in which he wrote songs and played violin,
guitar and keyboards. His orchestral arrangements became
a distinguishing feature of the band’s recordings. 
From 1993 to 2005 Tindersticks released six critically
acclaimed studio.
"When I wrote the music to Rampart my aim was to engage
in the emotional intensity of Woody Harrelson's character
Dave Brown - his feelings for his family, his mounting paranoia
and rage,” described Hinchliffe. “The music is stark, formed
by electric guitars that are at times melodic, but constantly on
the verge of feedback.  I wanted the music to feel like it could
go out of control at any moment like Dave Brown."   

The score is available from, Amazon UK,

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