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Max Steiner's Since You Went Away
18-Apr-2012 - Brigham Young University Film Music Archives has released Since You Went Away. Max Steiner’s score, for which he won his third Academy Award, is filled with lovely motifs and powerful dramatic climaxes. This 2-CD set presents the complete thematic score, taken from the composer’s personal acetates which are preserved in the Max Steiner Collection at Brigham Young University. Recorded at Samuel Goldwyn Studios under optimum conditions, the audio quality is superb. For the most part, the discs were in excellent condition, although a few were actually broken and had to be pieced back together (including, unfortunately, the disc containing the Main Title). The lion’s share of the score is in great shape and the 2-CD set concludes with a special suite of themes from the score recorded by studio musical director Lou Forbes for distribution to radio stations.
For more info and ordering, visit Screen Archives Entertainment.

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