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Lakeshore Records presents Days Of Grace (Días De Gracia), a Cannes favorite
26-Apr-2012 -

Lakeshore Records presents Days Of Grace (Días de Gracia). The film, set in Mexico City and spanning three Soccer World Cups, features an original score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (The Road, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford), Academy Award™-winner Atticus Ross (The Social Network, The Book of Eli) with Leopold Ross & Claudia Sarne, and Shigeru Umebayashi (House of Flying Daggers, Curse of the Golden Flower, In the mood for Love, 2046).
"Lakeshore Records is very excited and honored to be releasing the soundtrack album to Days Of Grace,”
said Brian McNelis, SVP Music and Soundtracks for Lakeshore Records.  “We have always been big fans of the Gout Brothers and they have done an exceptional job with music enlisting the respected talents of Nick Cave and Academy Award Winning Composer Atticus Ross (The Social Network)."

Days of Grace (Días de Gracia) spans a period of 12 years and three different soccer World Cup competitions.  Each time period has a different style, exemplified by the three different sets of composers as described by director Everardo Gout:
"For the 2002 period, I worked with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. I loved their work for The Proposition and The Assassination of Jesse James. The music of those films accompanied us during the writing process of our film. Cave and Ellis created music that incredibly brings together sounds, noises, even animal recordings and a natural, organic universe that only they know how to create. They perfectly translated Lupe’s (one of our main character) feelings and his psychological journey.

"For 2006, I had the chance to meet Atticus Ross way before he won his Oscar for the Social Network score. I found his music unique, something that I’ve never heard before. He worked on the feeling of fear, something more primal, at the same time cerebral and visceral. He is an alchemist of the electronic universe. His music perfectly depicts the point of view of someone who is confined, blindfolded and who that has to imagine his surroundings through sound.

"For 2010, I was able to collaborate with Shigeru Umebayashi, the composer who worked on one of my favorite films, In the Mood For Love. He’s a great, wise man: he composed the softest, most sophisticated music specifically designed for the story that happens during 2010. He magnificently managed to shape the character of Susana and her journey, which is one of strength and femininity juxtaposed with the pressure of time.
To bind the three different timelines together, we used three versions of the same incredible song: “Summertime”. Performed by three different women: Nina Simone, Janis Joplin and Scarlett Johansson, whose version is produced and arranged by Robert Del Naja and Tim Goldsworthy from Massive Attack fame."

 The score is available from, Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany.

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