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3-Jun-2012 -

The beautiful, classical-sounding orchestral score is a romantic and thematic work permeated by a sense of forbidden passion throughout. The pairing of highly experienced composer Gabriel Yared (an Oscar winner for The English Patient in 1997 and the author of over 70 feature film scores including Cold Mountain, The Talented Mr Ripley and Betty Blue) and newcomer Cyrille Aufort (who worked as an orchestrator for Oscar-winning composer Alexandre Desplat and got his impressive feature film scoring breakthrough with Splice in 2009) is a great one where the result is an engaging, sophisticated and handsome score that fits the film perfectly and works beautifully as a stand-alone listening experience.
Featuring over 66 minutes of music (one selection from each and one of the 24 episodes comprising the first two seasons of the show), MovieScore Media’s soundtrack album is released digitally online and on CD following the premiere of season 2 on May 29. Illustrating the impact of The Way of the Gun composer Joe Kraemer’s music, Mark A. Altman said: “When I made my own directing debut with the classic noir episode, Something Like Murder, I told him I wanted a score that combined the epic romantic sweep of John Barry’s Body Heat with the menace and foreboding of Jerry Goldsmith’s Chinatown. Rather than me intimidated by that tall order, he delivered what was my favorite score of the season.”

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