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4-Jul-2012 -

Mario Nascimbene
Digitmovies presents the second volume of the de-luxe digipack series by releasing for the first time ever on a double CD set the complete score by Mario Nascimbene from the movie Uomini E Lupi (aka “Men and Wolves”) directed by Giuseppe De Santis in 1956. The music is an extremely dramatic symphonic score which also includes popular instrumental themes for harmonica and guitar and with mixed choir. For this double CD set they have used the master tapes in mono of the recording sessions from 1956 well preserved until today which allowed them to use every note recorded, including alternate versions, choral pieces and pieces with solo male voice.
Stelvio Cipriani
Digitmovies again explores the ‘80s Italian comedy movie territory by releasing for the very first time on CD the complete score in full stereo by Stelvio Cipriani for Un Povero Ricco (aka “Rich and Poor”- “Money Boom”). For this project they have used the original album master tape and also those tracks in stereo of the original recording sessions which allowed them to print on CD the all the music written by the legendary Stelvio Cipriani. In 1983 a vinyl album (Start LPS 40207) had been issued which contained fifteen selections prepared by the author (duration 38:22), but with all the extra material this CD has a duration of 67:28.
Carlo Rustichelli
Digitmovies continues to explore the wild territories of the Italian Western by issuing on CD the complete OST in full stereo by Carlo Rustichelli for the movie “L’uomo, l’orgoglio, la vendetta” (aka “Pride and Vengeance”) directed in 1967 by Luigi Bazzoni.  Carlo Rustichelli has written one of the strongest scores of his long career, marked by an atmosphere with Hispanic flavour for guitar and orchestra as in the romantic and sad “José’s Theme”.  Thanks to the stereo master tapes of the recording sessions about 38 minutes of unreleased music could be added to the 33 rpm master tape so the CD now has a total duration of 73:58.
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