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Miklós Rózsa's A Time To Love And a Time To Die/Lust For Life
20-Jul-2012 - Disques Cinémusique has released a winning pair of the late fifties from the great Miklós Rózsa. The score for A Time To Love And A Time To Die features the composer's usual rich orchestral palette and powerful bursts of dramatic tension with the support of a large brass section. Romance takes also an important place in this story of a German soldier (John Gavin) dealing with the consequences of the Second World War. Also on the CD the 22-minute stereophonic recording of the Lust For Life Suite, performed by the Frankenland State Symphony Orchestra in Germany. The composer gathered here the main themes from his 1956 score for Vincente Minnelli’s drama based on the life of artist Vincent van Gogh.
For more info and ordering, visit Disques Cinémusique.

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