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For A Good Time, Call... score to be released
14-Sep-2012 -

John Swihart answers the call on new Lakeshore recording.
Timed to the opening of Focus Features’ new comedy starring Ari Graynor (Celeste & Jesse Forever, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist) and Lauren Anne Miller, Lakeshore Records will release the For A Good Time, Call… Original Motion Picture Score digitally on September 18th. John Swihart (Napolean Dynamite, Youth in Revolt) composed the original music.

“Jamie is an incredible talent,”
said Swihart of director Jamie Travis. “We discussed a lot of things in the process. We just needed to make this elegantly understated and very palatable.”  For an ‘indie’ film, Swihart’s score was a bit more traditional, utilizing a string quartet, a few woodwinds, piano and percussion. “There were a couple cues with drums and guitar but those were for the more climactic moments.”

Unique sounds and surprising instrument choices put John Swihart on a path to creating unpredictable contemporary scores. His distinctive style can be heard in over 40 films, including Napoleon Dynamite, Youth In Revolt, New In Town, Employee Of The Month, The Great New Wonderful, The Brothers Solomon, AND Daltry Calhoun.

“I watched [director] Jamie Travis' short film (which I loved) and I knew he had a taste for a certain amount of fantasy,” said Swihart. “This film was a lot more mainstream than his shorts so I also knew we could not get to far out with the score. It needed to be effective and not distracting, but give us a richer aesthetic experience.”

He continued, “The first scene I worked on was for Lauren's walk through Gramercy Park near the beginning of the film.  This moment would likely be the extreme moment of fantasy that would be in the film and would help me define just how far I could go in that direction.”

The score is available for download at

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