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Rob Lane/James Gosling/Rohan Stevenson's Merlin 3&4
21-Oct-2012 -
Due to public demand, MovieScore Media follows up their two previous Merlin soundtracks from the first two seasons of the series with music from the third and fourth series. The composers from the previous two returns in exquisite form: for Merlin, Rob Lane, Rohan Stevenson and James Gosling has composed some of the most epic music written for the television medium in recent years. The entertaining score album for Series Three has been meticulously sequenced to make for a great listening experience that highlights the best of the music, and the composers have taken into special account requests from fans of the series when the album was put together. Beautiful themes, swashbuckling action music, dark and mesmerizing suspense scoring, quirky scherzos – all painted on an epic canvas featuring orchestra and choir. A lot of the score for the fourth season was in fact music written for previous seasons, rearranged and tailored to fit the new dramatic setting.
For more info and ordering, visit MovieScore Media.

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