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New releases from Varese
20-Mar-2002 - Three new releases from Varese Sarabande. The first one is Green Dragon, the story of the exodus to the United States of over 100,000 Vietnamese immigrants before and immediately following the fall of Saigon. The moving and exotic score for this powerful motion picture is by film composers (and brothers) Jeff and Mychael Danna.
For Dragonfly, starring Kevin Costner composer John Debney composed a soaring music score for chorus and orchestra that represents some of his most exciting work to date. Big themes, a stunning flying sequence, and a stirring and adventurous spirit make for an early film music highlight for the year.
DreamWorks Pictures' new production of H.G. Wells' classic The Time Machine is a gargantuan production. It is the event film release of the spring! Film music newcomer Klaus Badelt has composed an epic and sweeping symphonic score. It's an exciting, adventurous and beautiful work that also features massive choral forces which open the music to an even grander scope.
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