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21-May-2002 - Always one of Jerry Goldsmith’s favorites of his own scores from this time, long highly regarded and much in-demand by film music collectors, and still one of the finest soundtracks ever created for a western, The Ballad of Cable Hogue (1971) is, at long last, available on CD! Goldsmith’s lyrical soundtrack includes the song he composed for the main titles (Tomorrow Is The Song I Sing).
Here is the first release ever of music from Franz Waxman’s score for the 1955 Bette Davis film The Virgin Queen. Any day that introduces a new Franz Waxman release is a great day indeed! Franz Waxman’s score is great film music and is, after nearly fifty years, now available for ordering!
Though not one of his longest scores, Cast A Giant Shadow is certainly one of Elmer Bernstein’s most epic, featuring one of his most beautiful love themes and some of his most thrilling action music. While there were a few cues in the film that were not included on the original LP, the tapes, sadly, have not survived, so this CD is limited to the originally selected sequence from 1966.
For more info and ordering, visit Varese Sarabande or (for Europe) Colosseum Records.

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