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4 CD Box from Ennio Morricone
2-Jun-2002 - CNI Music in Italy has released Io, Ennio Morricone, a beautiful story told by one of the most prestigious composers of contemporary music. It's a travel from the piano of Gilda Butta, Morricone's favourite pianist, to the Symphony Orchestra of the Academy of Santa Cecilia. The 4 CD's: "Film Music", a collection of the most beautiful themes taken from some of the many scores composed by the Maestro, "Music for piano", containing 8 songs from film soundtracks, 4 studies and Rag in pieces, "Chamber music", tracking 10 compositions performed by the instrumental group "Musica d'Oggi" (Today's Music) and at the end "Symphony music" which is dedicated to concerts for great orchestra.
For more info and ordering, visit CNI Music.

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