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World Soundtrack Awards celebrates.
25-Jun-2002 - World Soundtrack Awards to celebrate 75 years of music and sound in film

The 75th anniversary of mechanical sound and music in film will be celebrated at this year’s 2nd edition of the World Soundtrack Awards. Being presented on 19 October in the Belgian city of Ghent, the World Soundtrack Awards celebrate excellence in the art of film music. On the days prior to the World Soundtrack Awards ceremony, film music composers and executives will gather in Ghent for the first World Soundtrack Academy Summit which will take place as part of the 29th Flanders International Film Festival-Ghent (8-19 Oct.).

After exactly 75 years of mechanical sound and music in film (The Jazz Singer received its world première screening in October 1927), composers, both emerging as well as established, and film music executives will discuss the current state of film music and look at the future of the business. Composers like George Fenton and Simon Fisher Turner are expected to explain their working methods. This while young composers and music students will be offered the opportunity to present and discuss their works to filmmakers and composers attending the WSA Summit.

Last year’s World Soundtrack Award recipients included Elmer Bernstein, John Williams, Patrick Doyle, Yann Tiersen and the team responsible for ‘Moulin Rouge’.

This year’s awards ceremony will be followed by a musical tribute to French composer Georges Delerue who died 10 years ago (March 1992). Conductors are film composers Dirk Brossé from Belgium and Jean-Claude Petit from France. The tribute follows a retrospective, organized within the framework of the Flanders International Film Festival – Ghent (8-19 October 2002), with the creative partnership of Delerue and François Truffaut as its subject. Besides the 11 films both men collaborated on, the retro will also present some indigenous gems like Fons Rademakers’ ‘Mira’ and Harry Kümel’s ‘Malpertuis’ for which Delerue wrote the score.

The second part of the concert consists of UK composer George Fenton conducting the National Orchestra of Belgium, playing some of his most memorable film scores.

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