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Varese Sarabande.
A 25th Anniversary Celebration

4-Apr-2003 - In the 25 years since 1978, Varèse Sarabande Records has released well over 1000 albums. Of those, nearly 900 are film scores. Averaging over fifty new soundtrack releases a year, Varèse Sarabande’s catalog features virtually every great name in film music. There are far too many titles to assemble any compilation even remotely comprehensive, but Varèse did want to pause in their release schedule to take a moment to remember just a few of their favorites. This four CD set, Varese Sarabande - A 25th Anniversary Celebration, features a total of five hours of music and becomes the biggest compilation ever assembled. This 4 CD Box is priced for little more than a single — it’s almost a giveaway! Join the celebration and order this unique CD Box..!
For more info and pre-ordering, visit Varèse Sarabande.

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